How to find new content for your blog

Finding new content for your blog can be time consuming. With Mailbrew, you can create automated email digests on any topic, and make amazing content find you.
Source content for your blog

What if you could have a personal assistent searching for great content for you?

That's how using Mailbrew feels like. After a quick setup, you'll be able to receive convenient emails with great content and inpiration for your blog.


Create a "brew", a Mailbrew-powered automated newsletter, on a topic.

Pick a title and select a schedule.

Add subreddits, other blogs, Google searches and more sources on this topic.

Mailbrew will fetch new content from these sources automatically.

Sit back and relax! You'll receive email with great content and inspiration for your blog.

Mailbrew gives you much more

You'll also be able to create any automated email digest you can imagine. Here's a preview of what you can create:


Product Hunt


RSS Feeds


Hacker News

Top Stories


Google News



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