Create an automated newsletter for your audience

Worried about your followers missing valuable content you publish? With Mailbrew you can easily create an automated email newsletter from your blog, Twitter accounts, YouTube channel and more.
Newsletter for your community

Why do you need to create an email list?

When you create a newsletter, it becomes a direct channel with your audience. It will feel personal, and will help your community stick around and receive your new content when you publish it.

Mailbrew makes it so easy to create a personal newsletter, and once it's created it's 100% automatic, so you can sit back and relax.


Create a "brew", a Mailbrew-powered automated newsletter.

Pick a title and select a schedule.

Select your sources. You can add the RSS Feed of your blog, your Twitter accounts, your YouTube channel and even your Subreddit if you have one.

Done! Copy the public URL or the embed form to let anyone subscribe!

Mailbrew gives you much more

You'll also be able to create any automated email digest you can imagine. Here's a preview of what you can create:


Product Hunt


RSS Feeds


Hacker News

Top Stories


Google News



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