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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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You can make someone a 20% better engineer but you can't make someone genuinely care about the product you're making. That's why I'd rather work with someone worse technically that wants the product they get to help build.


Good teammates: (1) challenge your over optimism (2) don’t bicker about work style differences (3) prioritize getting work done (4) care about the goal over themselves (5) don’t want to waste time (6) kill their ego (7) debate to make a great product not to personally win


The right teammates: give you energy, create natural social accountability, increase your optimism, enhance your focus, support your learning. The wrong teammates: create fear, reduce safety, fatigue, chastise your inexperience, micro-manage, demotivate. Find the right team.


If you have a burnt out employee that has stuck with you for a while that you value, try this: Give them a paid trip to anywhere in the world for as many weeks as they need to recover. If they come back & stay, great! If they leave, you're both better off. Don't retain a zombie.


As your team grows, every founder that sweats the details will often feel compelled to jump in to offer feedback or help quickly solve a problem. It's been my experience that you should resist that urge at first because you'll learn what you're missing in the team that you value.


Don’t spend energy collaborating with stubborn minds. Open your mind to collaborating with those stubborn to make progress.


The best way to combat a pessimist is to have an optimist in the room who they respect.


It's easy to underestimate having a tiny team early on. If you get the culture right w/ a tiny team, each incremental hire tends to not deviate too far from the cultural mean but if you start bigger at the onset, it takes longer to discover w/ more people where the mean even is.


Instead of pushing your team to get things done a week earlier, just recognize that you had an idea to move faster but the co culturally didn’t feel like it had permission to cut scope or make the trade off—esp if you hired well. I wish I had focused on fixing that instead.

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