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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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Startup vanity: Valuation, Press, Funding, # of Employees, Offices, Meetings w/ famous people, Meeting to give lots of advice Success: Revenue, Users, Word of mouth, Retention, Servers on fire, Emails asking for features, Meetings w/ users


The highest honor while building a startup is when people put your product in their resume as a skill.


One of the less talked about realities of achieving something great is the sheer amount of time you have to be alone, toiling until the thing you’re creating is great. Much of one’s perseverance is believing you’re not wasting your time despite feeling lonely w/ many distractions


Going on vacation as CEO & not looking at your email is the chaos monkey tool to determine how well your company can operate.


Every time I start to feel a little doubt about the company succeeding, I've always found that having users try the product & getting feedback was more than enough to keep my optimism. As long as the problems are solvable & sufficiently painful, it's just a matter of time.


Two weeks ago, I was lamenting to my wife, "Gah, this is so hard. Odds of success feel so low" but, today, it's the opposite: I am filled with optimism. Never-ending, remembering to have fun building has provided me the most peace while only analyzing results once a month.

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