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Suhail Doshi quotes on starting a company

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If you fear starting a company because you’re worried you’ll waste your time or you’ll fail, don’t start a company. Start a project. It’s mostly the same thing for 12 months until you have employees, make money, and have users that rely on you every day.


A big part of starting a company is being very optimistic about its very possibility, persistently banging your against a wall until you figure out how to make each part work, and then finally doing The Great Merge where you glue all the pieces together to make a working product.


The happiest moments of starting a company, for me, have often been (1) having no clue how to solve some challenge, (2) the momentary feeling of uncertainty/death if we don't solve it, & (3) the solution being discovered together with a few smart people. Have faith.


One of the best parts I've had starting a company is in the first 12 months: you go from a casual observer of an industry or technology to understanding just how far the boundaries have been pushed to date. Then, you graduate into being forced to find a new way to bend things.


The great advantage of starting a company that has hard technical challenges is it’s much easier to attract the best talent later. The disadvantage is most people probably think you’re going to fail early on so it requires a great leap of faith from the first 5 people.

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