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One of the less talked about realities of achieving something great is the sheer amount of time you have to be alone, toiling until the thing you’re creating is great. Much of one’s perseverance is believing you’re not wasting your time despite feeling lonely w/ many distractions


I am pretty sure the biggest difference between a startup and a large company is the anxiousness one feels if they haven’t shipped something meaningful in a week. In a large company it is totally acceptable for an 6+ mo project to not ship. That cannot happen in a startup.


The first 12 mo of a startup can be compressed to: 1. Is there demand & does anyone want this? 2. Is it useful & will they keep using it? 3. How do I get more people to keep using it? Interspersed w/ periods of irrational conviction & temp sadness despite nothing having changed


When I go on a vacation/trip while building a startup, I often feel anxious: it’s hard to be present when you have clear & present danger that will imminently kill you. Conversely, I find that if all it took was those extra few days/weeks to kill the co, it was already dead.

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