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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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You can make someone a 20% better engineer but you can't make someone genuinely care about the product you're making. That's why I'd rather work with someone worse technically that wants the product they get to help build.


The first 12 mo of a startup can be compressed to: 1. Is there demand & does anyone want this? 2. Is it useful & will they keep using it? 3. How do I get more people to keep using it? Interspersed w/ periods of irrational conviction & temp sadness despite nothing having changed


How to keep the momentum while working hard: - Don't burn out - Pick fun projects - Don't be a single point of failure - Spread your knowledge - Delegate - Fire yourself from boring jobs - Pair on projects, don't get stuck - Take staycations - Solve the little problems first


If you fear starting a company because you’re worried you’ll waste your time or you’ll fail, don’t start a company. Start a project. It’s mostly the same thing for 12 months until you have employees, make money, and have users that rely on you every day.


If you have a burnt out employee that has stuck with you for a while that you value, try this: Give them a paid trip to anywhere in the world for as many weeks as they need to recover. If they come back & stay, great! If they leave, you're both better off. Don't retain a zombie.


Success or failure, at least have fun creating your startup: Learn something deeply technical, push your boundaries personally, remove comfort & see what taking risk is like, get feedback from a team, learn a new skill like legal/design/sales, and meet interesting people.


The happiest moments of starting a company, for me, have often been (1) having no clue how to solve some challenge, (2) the momentary feeling of uncertainty/death if we don't solve it, & (3) the solution being discovered together with a few smart people. Have faith.


The easiest way I've found to motivate myself through the trough of sorrow is to just ask: Are all my problems solvable but don't require miracles? If the answer is yes, I just keep grinding.


My personal litmus test for founder market fit is if I stay up late (2 AM) to hack on the idea 6 months later. Not because you must, though often raw hours matter early on, but because you’re having so much fun building & obsessing over the product.


Your journey building a startup will have many unfair or unreasonable moments. If you die, few will care. So, get building & talk to customers. There are no award ceremonies for giving it your best effort.


Two weeks ago, I was lamenting to my wife, "Gah, this is so hard. Odds of success feel so low" but, today, it's the opposite: I am filled with optimism. Never-ending, remembering to have fun building has provided me the most peace while only analyzing results once a month.

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