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The best way to control your own destiny as a company is often to make just enough revenue that you can always dial down expenses fast enough (<= 6 mo) to be break even if you get shitty terms or get into bad circumstances.


Not dying is simple. The formula includes: margins, # of customers, avg customer spend, & retention. Lots of startups spending 3x what they make but aren't getting anywhere to break-even 24 mo later. You cannot hope & pray your way to sustainability unless you're a rocket ship!


If you're raising money & everyone is passing on you. Just remember: (1) it happens to most ppl - find a support network, (2) you may need to go in cockroach mode, (3) consider raising less $ to survive, (4) seek angels vs est. funds, (5) C-class VCs are scared & it'll be harder.


One downside of raising a lot of money pre-launch is it's incredibly easy to tell yourself you're not ready to launch for a litany of product deficiencies while burning cash until it's too late. When you have little money, you often have to launch to get traction to get money.

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