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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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In year one you likely don’t need: - A fancy office - A full-time assistant - An office / ops mgr - 2000+ sqft of office space - Fancy furniture - Lots of employees (> 10) - Perfect design What you do need: A product people love in spite of its flaws. The rest will come.


The world can really give you back what you put out there. Don't be afraid. Take the step to share your work, art, ideas, writing, and inventions. You have no idea who will discover it and how it might change your or their life.


Do good. Expect nothing. Take pride in having helped. Remember how privileged we are with the cards that we've been dealt. Your success is greater than money, clout, & connections. Once you have them all... Now what? It's an infection.


When we see the final work of a builder or an artist, we are often seeing the final results. Masked are the things thrown away or hidden because they weren’t proud of it. The inspiration we feel with the final work often lacks the perspective & discipline it takes to get there.


With schools, blog posts, programs, & videos, people are overwhelmed & over think the starting part of a startup. Just get going & do it! When you run into a problem reference the resources & use your network to guide you to overcome it. The self-imposed structure is a crutch.


The fastest way to understand how someone will treat you is to simply hold no power over them. It becomes easy to find out whether they are default kind/unkind.


Two weeks ago, I was lamenting to my wife, "Gah, this is so hard. Odds of success feel so low" but, today, it's the opposite: I am filled with optimism. Never-ending, remembering to have fun building has provided me the most peace while only analyzing results once a month.

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