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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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Company culture isn't defined by writing them up in a document & then onboarding new employees by preaching the gospel. It's defined by every decision you make & the bar you uphold while you operate. Being explicit merely clarifies them.


Going on vacation as CEO & not looking at your email is the chaos monkey tool to determine how well your company can operate.


If you have a burnt out employee that has stuck with you for a while that you value, try this: Give them a paid trip to anywhere in the world for as many weeks as they need to recover. If they come back & stay, great! If they leave, you're both better off. Don't retain a zombie.


Founders: when shit hits the fan as the co hits zero do not: - Lie to investors about metrics & kick the can down the road - Make your employees scramble for a job with a 2 week insolvency notice - Make everything seem great Please do the right thing. Everyone will remember.


If your company becomes incredibly successful, you're now responsible for running a digital country. Your next stage of growth is attaining the skills of a politician. Engineer -> Manager -> CEO -> Politician


Large growing contingent of managers who loathe Slack & find it distracting for employees. The thing that made it addictive & a fun experience is also its greatest liability (similar to fb). Unsustainable. It's like they need a "time well spent team" to change the trajectory.

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