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I am pretty sure the biggest difference between a startup and a large company is the anxiousness one feels if they haven’t shipped something meaningful in a week. In a large company it is totally acceptable for an 6+ mo project to not ship. That cannot happen in a startup.


Speed is a near universal value in most startups: speed to ship, speed of initial ux, speed of the app loading, speed of decision making, speed of hiring or firing, speed of customer support. Speed is your best defense while you have no moat.


Two important vectors to build momentum in a startup are listening to users & shipping speed. To listen well, you'll need to constantly talk to users & be picky about who to serve. To ship quickly, you have to scope just enough & have good instincts about how to solve the problem


It’s okay to launch your app with only a handful of invited users. Don’t let anyone pressure you into scaling because they think you’re being elitist—making a few people happy is critical at the beginning. When the product is great & everyone is using it, that noise won’t matter.


Most projects that are 70% done are not released because they aren’t perfect yet. However, if you edited down what you have to its very essence, you’d probably stand to gain 90% of the impact if you just released that to the world.


One downside of raising a lot of money pre-launch is it's incredibly easy to tell yourself you're not ready to launch for a litany of product deficiencies while burning cash until it's too late. When you have little money, you often have to launch to get traction to get money.

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