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Suhail Doshi quotes on kindness

Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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My algorithm to pick investors: 1. Do they listen? 2. Have they gone to great lengths w/ other founders? 3. Are they an expert at something you suck at? 4. Did they make you think differently? 5. Did they respect your time? 6. Do they make you dream bigger? 7. Are they kind?


There's no upside in hating on someone's idea. You come off as non-believer or ruin their confidence. Instead, just ask the questions that make you hesitate & let them come to their own conclusion. If you're right, you helped them think it through. If you're wrong, you'll learn.


Sometimes, people's meanness is just jealousy. Ignore the haters. And don't be vengeful. Be great tomorrow.


It takes many acts of kindness, over a long stretch of time to build goodwill & affection. It only takes one misguided fuck up to wreck it. Be kind. Have the courage to apologize. Forgive yourself when you need to move on if it’s too late.


The fastest way to understand how someone will treat you is to simply hold no power over them. It becomes easy to find out whether they are default kind/unkind.

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