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Startups vs 1K+ company: Two co-founders: “Hey, what you do think of doing X? Sounds good but maybe tweak it by doing Y?” Bigger co: Write internal doc Send doc to mailing list Everyone from mktg to legal chimes in VP reviews Features get added Re-org occurs Ships 1 yr later


Speed is a near universal value in most startups: speed to ship, speed of initial ux, speed of the app loading, speed of decision making, speed of hiring or firing, speed of customer support. Speed is your best defense while you have no moat.


Critical lesson I learned about building products: stating explicit non-goals are nearly as important as stating your actual goals. Products are all susceptible to bigger-ism. Moving fast is far easier when it's clear what you're not doing.


Two important vectors to build momentum in a startup are listening to users & shipping speed. To listen well, you'll need to constantly talk to users & be picky about who to serve. To ship quickly, you have to scope just enough & have good instincts about how to solve the problem


Increasing the surface area of a product is the most subtle way companies move slower. That’s why it’s so important to be clear on what you’re willing to be great at & willing to cede to avoid the debt incurred by more features. So, experiment quickly & ruthlessly deprecate.


Defensibility is an illusion. All you have is a time advantage & the speed at which you move.


In the vain of if you're going to eat shit, don't nibble. If you're going to do a hard pivot, don't swivel.

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