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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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You can make someone a 20% better engineer but you can't make someone genuinely care about the product you're making. That's why I'd rather work with someone worse technically that wants the product they get to help build.


Effective employee on boarding isn’t about swag, stickers, & company value pamphlets on their desk the 1st day. Sure, it makes them feel like you got your shit together. But, how you help them understand their goals & how co values are interwoven in operating are more important.


I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing of engineers lately & the biggest defining difference between great ones and decent ones has mostly been whether there’s a natural, innate curiosity of how things work. Then, a desire to dive down the rabbit hole to seek the true answer.


I don't even know what "top talent" means anymore. Seriously, there's talent you need & can get at the point in time & stage you're at. Your job is to just level it all up based on how the company evolves. It's not binary.


The biggest difference in how I interview folks now vs in the past: I try enjoy the interview with the candidate & create calmness. Even if a person isn’t the right fit, you lose little by giving them the best chance at turning it around even if you provide more than normal help.


As your team grows, every founder that sweats the details will often feel compelled to jump in to offer feedback or help quickly solve a problem. It's been my experience that you should resist that urge at first because you'll learn what you're missing in the team that you value.


It's easy to underestimate having a tiny team early on. If you get the culture right w/ a tiny team, each incremental hire tends to not deviate too far from the cultural mean but if you start bigger at the onset, it takes longer to discover w/ more people where the mean even is.

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