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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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Post product-market fit product strategy: - Double down on what works - Deprecate non-core features to reduce surface area - If it’s valuable, measure & optimize it - Remove your ego & copy great ideas if they help your users - Don’t get distracted by building net-new products


One of my early mistakes in the 1st two years of building a co was building new products because users seemed happy. That lack of focus put us back a year. It's usually a mistake to expand to a new mkt because the product is "done" for the primary one but your mkt share is < 1%.


Not dying is simple. The formula includes: margins, # of customers, avg customer spend, & retention. Lots of startups spending 3x what they make but aren't getting anywhere to break-even 24 mo later. You cannot hope & pray your way to sustainability unless you're a rocket ship!


If your company becomes incredibly successful, you're now responsible for running a digital country. Your next stage of growth is attaining the skills of a politician. Engineer -> Manager -> CEO -> Politician


One tell-tale sign things are starting to go well in a startup is when you finally have users using the product more than you do. Particularly when the product is something you want too.


There are just some months where your startup needs to solve one singular problem to make almost all your users happy to break past the next barrier for growth. So turn off all the dashboards, focus the team, put your head down, and get it done.


Don’t let your mood follow your analytics graph.


When investor demand is high, most founders choose to raise more money at a higher valuation with the same % dilution. You could raise less money (just what you need) at a lower valuation w/ less dilution. Then you have a lower pref stack + easier time growing into your valuation

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