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In year one you likely don’t need: - A fancy office - A full-time assistant - An office / ops mgr - 2000+ sqft of office space - Fancy furniture - Lots of employees (> 10) - Perfect design What you do need: A product people love in spite of its flaws. The rest will come.


One reason you cannot easily part-time do a startup is that so many of the best, clever ideas occur somewhat spontaneously. You sort of look at all the possible angles over a span of 12-18 months and one day, while looking at a tree, the proverbial apple bonks you on head.


Founders are artists


If you fear starting a company because you’re worried you’ll waste your time or you’ll fail, don’t start a company. Start a project. It’s mostly the same thing for 12 months until you have employees, make money, and have users that rely on you every day.


After you raise your 1st round of funding, your job as CEO will mostly encompass: (1) interviewing candidates, (2) 1:1s to keep the peace, & (3) looking at spreadsheets to guide strategy. Don't forget that you'll need to intentionally carve out space for what you're great at too.


The simplest thing I've learned to do in business that has always paid dividends is paying people quickly with minimal fuss when they've held up their end of the bargain. One day turnarounds on invoices builds immense amounts of trust.


A big part of starting a company is being very optimistic about its very possibility, persistently banging your against a wall until you figure out how to make each part work, and then finally doing The Great Merge where you glue all the pieces together to make a working product.


Founders: when shit hits the fan as the co hits zero do not: - Lie to investors about metrics & kick the can down the road - Make your employees scramble for a job with a 2 week insolvency notice - Make everything seem great Please do the right thing. Everyone will remember.


As your team grows, every founder that sweats the details will often feel compelled to jump in to offer feedback or help quickly solve a problem. It's been my experience that you should resist that urge at first because you'll learn what you're missing in the team that you value.


My favorite questions to ask fellow founders after they've found success are: - What were first 9 mo like of starting? - When did people start actually wanting your product? - When were things the worst? - Who were your first users? - What did you build that was critical?


With schools, blog posts, programs, & videos, people are overwhelmed & over think the starting part of a startup. Just get going & do it! When you run into a problem reference the resources & use your network to guide you to overcome it. The self-imposed structure is a crutch.


Comments like this: "widely seen as the adult in the room amid Airbnb's young founders" are extremely condescending to entrepreneurs. Brian Chesky is 36 years old & operates (with help) a monstrous company. If we don’t call you old, don’t imply young founders are children.


Founders, before talking to reporters, ask them if they're going to monetize your story & insights behind the publication's paywall. You're probably getting 100x less reach & letting your insights/information get monetized in a way that hardly benefits you.


When I go on a vacation/trip while building a startup, I often feel anxious: it’s hard to be present when you have clear & present danger that will imminently kill you. Conversely, I find that if all it took was those extra few days/weeks to kill the co, it was already dead.


One of the surprising side effects I've experienced in not having a co-founder is more frequent collaboration. I seek the advice/input of people I directly work with a lot more often: from recruiters to engineers to founder friends. And feel a lot happier working w/ a community.

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