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Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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People underestimate how much grit it takes for founders to steadily build the most monotonous features in order to make an okay product great. Especially difficult when there are so many more interesting/intellectually challenging v1 ideas to distract you.


Critical lesson I learned about building products: stating explicit non-goals are nearly as important as stating your actual goals. Products are all susceptible to bigger-ism. Moving fast is far easier when it's clear what you're not doing.


The best way I've thought of to make a startup more formidable and narrowly focused is to tell them what I'd do if I were their faux competitor. The ruthless perspective of a competitor often helps sharpen what's important & what's not. So, ask your smart friend what they'd do.


One of my early mistakes in the 1st two years of building a co was building new products because users seemed happy. That lack of focus put us back a year. It's usually a mistake to expand to a new mkt because the product is "done" for the primary one but your mkt share is < 1%.


All startups constantly go through waves of uncertainty ranging from does anyone want this to how will we make money from all these users? What I’ve found helpful is focusing on 1 problem at a time & commensurately doubling my focus on each sub problem as I go. This is all normal


Doing another startup has retaught me the lesson that once you know precisely what users care about (answering more complex questions, better battery life, etc.), that continuous, relentless focus on attacking the problem can get you further than you or others initially imagined.


If a VC hands you $12M on $100M post plus a $2M in cash to buy your common, don't hate the player, hate the game. Focus on your craft instead focusing your energy on what others got that you don't.


Focus means sometimes putting the ideas you’re bursting with optimism about in the back log.


There are just some months where your startup needs to solve one singular problem to make almost all your users happy to break past the next barrier for growth. So turn off all the dashboards, focus the team, put your head down, and get it done.


I am in a constant conflict with things that distract me & things I want to learn about. I find it requires monthly discipline to list the items in both categories, creatively eliminate the former & double down on the latter.

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