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Idea skepticism in a nutshell: (1) Yeah but have you heard of X company that's doing it? (2) What if Google/Amazon does it? (3) I wouldn't personally use it (4) Here's a history of everyone that failed (you will too) (5) It's a crowded space already Don't let it demoralize you.


Beware of investors who confidently tell you that your idea is unlikely to succeed because of 10 year old empirical observation. Old data is bad data too. Disruptive but previously impossible ideas are worth revisiting.


I get little satisfaction stomping on someone's startup idea. It's so easy to. Somewhere deep, hidden in their abstract description is a distinct yet narrow problem worth solving that's significant. It's more fun to attempt finding it, together.


All startups pursue one or more of these categories in the end: they (1) make you more money, (2) save you time, (3) entertain the hell out of you, (4) get you laid. The best ones are able to accomplish as many of the four as directly as possible.


On ideas: "Why hasn't anyone done that?" is one of the best ways to kill the momentum of a fragile idea. "Has anyone done that idea really well?" is a better way to contribute & make it stronger.


Any sufficiently advanced Google doc that people are collaborating on internally is probably a useful product to build as an application.

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