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Suhail Doshi quotes on failure

Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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If you fear starting a company because you’re worried you’ll waste your time or you’ll fail, don’t start a company. Start a project. It’s mostly the same thing for 12 months until you have employees, make money, and have users that rely on you every day.


Not dying is simple. The formula includes: margins, # of customers, avg customer spend, & retention. Lots of startups spending 3x what they make but aren't getting anywhere to break-even 24 mo later. You cannot hope & pray your way to sustainability unless you're a rocket ship!


Note to self & future applicable startup advice: What do we say to the God of death? Not today.


Every time I start to feel a little doubt about the company succeeding, I've always found that having users try the product & getting feedback was more than enough to keep my optimism. As long as the problems are solvable & sufficiently painful, it's just a matter of time.


Most startup technical debt largely occurs as a function of "Let's do X and call it a day" because there's about 20 other stomach-churning reasons your company will probably die that need to be addressed first.

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