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Unpopular opinion: ruthlessly copying your competitors best features is often the fastest quick win you can give yourself. It costs you your ego. You already have data that it's valuable. And it'll make every customer you regretted losing happy. You can't do it for forever tho


The best way I've thought of to make a startup more formidable and narrowly focused is to tell them what I'd do if I were their faux competitor. The ruthless perspective of a competitor often helps sharpen what's important & what's not. So, ask your smart friend what they'd do.


Startups are basically a competition to figure out how to solve problems in less than a month that popular belief suggests will take an enormous set of resources or time. Death looms so one must earn momentum & traction in order to keep solving the next set of hard problems.


Most people strive to be first to market but another clever approach is being intentionally *delayed* to market. You let a few companies form, validate what the demand is like, discover big gaps unsolved, and you narrowly solve a different big problem vs the most competitive one.


I hope with more programmers, more funding, and more competition to build the same mobile/web app, that it will move the momentum for great engineers to work on harder problems previously seen as too risky due to longer time horizons. Being easily copied might be higher risk now.


Copying precisely is often harder & less successful than emulating the principles & executing in your own style. Applies to product design, leadership, writing songs, etc.

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