Suhail Doshi

Suhail Doshi

Founder MightyApp + Mixpanel. Pizzatarian, programmer, & music maker.

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Don’t spend energy collaborating with stubborn minds. Open your mind to collaborating with those stubborn to make progress.

#company productivity

Instead of pushing your team to get things done a week earlier, just recognize that you had an idea to move faster but the co culturally didn’t feel like it had permission to cut scope or make the trade off—esp if you hired well. I wish I had focused on fixing that instead.


The most helpful conversations I've had when building a startup are the ones with smart people that *don't* like my idea. Having the curiosity to learn about the future they perceive has always led me to learn something I didn't previously understand well enough but needed to.


I always secretly want to give people a prize when they say "Hey, do you have 5 minutes?" and then the conversation is efficient and ends sooner than that.


The more I think about it & see it, the more I realize that there’s a whole spectrum of companies that men will probably never start that women will. They will be transformative to both genders & more impactful than any new “platform” or sudden technological shift.

#time management

Large growing contingent of managers who loathe Slack & find it distracting for employees. The thing that made it addictive & a fun experience is also its greatest liability (similar to fb). Unsustainable. It's like they need a "time well spent team" to change the trajectory.


One of the surprising side effects I've experienced in not having a co-founder is more frequent collaboration. I seek the advice/input of people I directly work with a lot more often: from recruiters to engineers to founder friends. And feel a lot happier working w/ a community.


When I think about the creation of a brand & its direction, I think about it musically now. What would its album art be? What would its sound be? If we had a stage, what visuals would we have used? That gives it an emotional quality I always felt it hard to find with software.


Some founders fear charging their users for their product early on. I think it happens out of fear that it's premature & worry it might demotivate them. But I think it's much worse to toil on the wrong thing & waste precious minutes of your life. Use Venmo/PayPal & test!


One of my early mistakes in the 1st two years of building a co was building new products because users seemed happy. That lack of focus put us back a year. It's usually a mistake to expand to a new mkt because the product is "done" for the primary one but your mkt share is < 1%.

#project management

The most complicated problems are made less overwhelming by breaking them into discrete sub-problems, assigning teams with a clear goal, & having patience. If you don't have the resources to solve all the sub-problems, partner & focus on a narrower set.


Founders, before talking to reporters, ask them if they're going to monetize your story & insights behind the publication's paywall. You're probably getting 100x less reach & letting your insights/information get monetized in a way that hardly benefits you.

#company perks

Effective employee on boarding isn’t about swag, stickers, & company value pamphlets on their desk the 1st day. Sure, it makes them feel like you got your shit together. But, how you help them understand their goals & how co values are interwoven in operating are more important.

#venture capital

How to be a good VC to your founders: (1) Get out of their way & give them space. (2) When they need you, be available asap. (3) Make intros to people who are experts at what they aren't experts at. (4) Don't be overconfident just because you've seen it 100 times. Be patient.


The biggest threat to product delays, receiving feedback too late, & seeing if ideas have any legs in the real world is having the discipline to ship a small, well done version of the bigger thing you’re working on & just seeing what happens to minimize confounding variables.