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Stick to the basics. Do your job. Avoid stupidity. Speak for yourself. Be attentive to details. Put results ahead of being right. Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.


Formal education will give you a career. Self-education will give you freedom.


Visible work gets paid linearly for output. Non-visible work gets paid exponentially for outcomes.


While visible results get the attention, the invisible work deserves the credit. The seeds of exceptional results are planted when no one is watching.


Hard work is necessary but not sufficient for success. You also need to work on the right things, which means saying no to the wrong things.


Focus on your craft, your body, and your mind.


A simple insight that’s under-appreciated: Most results come at the end, not the beginning.


The magnitude of your best work matters more than the frequency of good work. Keep the cost of failure low and aim to be REALLY right occasionally. People remember your best work not your average work.


You don't want a job where someone new can do it as effectively as you with 6 months of training.


Working longer/harder at routine jobs was a means to differentiate yourself and earn a middle class living. Yet these jobs are easily programmable. And ... You can’t compete on price or outwork computers. Difficult to automate skills are the future table stakes to middle class.


On habits ... You need to consciously arrange your time. the biggest leverage point here is picking what to work on. A good way to do this is to ruthlessly eliminate low-value tasks.


It's easy to want to be better. It's the desire to do the work that improvement requires that's scarce.


Organizations often signal what they lack. For example ... The more an organization tries to win a top employer award, the worse they actually are to work with. The award only feeds the ego of the people in the building. When you're great, you don't have to tell people.


Efficiency works until it blows up.


A lot of people misunderstand value creation in the workplace. The value you create is a function of delivered value minus the costs to get that value (drag).


complexity, compliance, consensus, and committees ... Unless you’re at the top of the pyramid, all of these offer job security. They also lull you into false confidence and conceal, rather than reveal, dangers.

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