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Meetings are easier to understand once you realize that most people spend time signaling not adding value. You can instantly shorten them and increase quality by asking people to tell you what they know about the problem that no one else in the room knows.


The best source of leverage is creating more value than you capture.


The best sources of insight aren't hidden or obscure. The most valuable insights are the unrecognized simplicities that are overlooked by the many seeking complexity.


If you don’t set your own values, other people will.


When two people invest in a relationship and add value when they don’t have to ... magic happens.


The most valuable insights can't be bought. They must be earned.


Adding too much value often reduces outcomes. For example, slightly better ideas executed with less motivation often give you worse outcomes than slightly worse ideas executed with more motivation. When in doubt, let people own the problem they are solving.


What matters in the moment rarely matters in life. Yet what matters in life always matters in the moment.


Few extremely successful people watch lots of tv, spend time with annoying people, read crap, etc? Why? They highly value their time.


A lot of people misunderstand value creation in the workplace. The value you create is a function of delivered value minus the costs to get that value (drag).

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