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What kills your dreams isn't a lack of competence, but rather confidence. Confidence comes from how you talk to yourself.


A great advantage can be found in accepting hard truths faster than others.


Writing reveals what thinking conceals.


In the moment some choices seem small: we eat the chocolate bar, take a shortcut, or cancel a date. However, the accumulation of those tiny decisions adds up over months and years and makes a huge difference. Today’s choices become tomorrow’s reality.


The best way to reduce fear is action. Often we talk ourselves out of something because we're scared. We're scared of failing. We're scared of the unknown. The longer we delay, the greater the fear. The imperfect first step shows we suffer more in our mind than in reality.


There is some truth to use it or lose it. Unrecriprocated love dissipates. Unused muscles get weaker. Unexercised courage expires. Unchallenged minds tune out.


When you learn to see the world as it is, and not as you want it to be, everything changes.


Improvement begins when you have the discipline to confront the facts.


When you tell hard truths people don't understand you but they respect you. When you avoid the truth they understand you but don't respect you.


The difference between the expert and the average in any field is the speed at which they adapt to reality.


The most valuable truths are the hardest to hear.


Social media is full of people that say look how amazing my life is ... but that's not real. No one's life is amazing all the time.


It’s easier to believe that something else is holding us back from what we want than to face the reality that we hold ourselves back.


When I was young, I thought other people could give me wisdom. Now that I’m older, I know this isn’t true.


The voice inside your head shapes what you see, think, and feel. It protects your ego, even if that means distorting reality.


We don’t tell ourselves the truth because it’s easier to protect our view of ourselves and the world than it is to change our minds.


When you focus on what you'd prefer to be true, you miss what is true.


This is an unpopular truth, but not everyone’s opinions are equal.


Our greatest bias is the ability to protect our egos against feedback that uncovers reality.


Originality often comes from obfuscating your sources.


Find someone who makes reality better than dreams and do your best to deserve them.


A quick heuristic to calibrate the extent to which a person is honest: Listen to a person tell the same story twice. The extent to which the details are consistent is an indication of honesty. Liars manipulate details to suit the situation.


Thinking better isn’t about being a genius. It is about the processes we use to uncover reality and the choices we make once we do.


To improve your knowledge you can learn something (true) or unlearn something (false).


You need to be able to show all aspects of yourself in order to give others the comfort to be themselves.


Opinion: Uncertainty about whether you are right. And if you are right, not being sure why. Knowledge: Knowing you have the truth and why it’s true.


We think that what we see is representative of all there is. This is almost never true.


Speaking truthfully doesn’t imply what you are saying is actually true.


In the quest for the perfection we end up filtering out reality and in the process lose track of what’s meaningful.


In the real world you will either understand and adapt to find success or you will fail.


complexity, compliance, consensus, and committees ... Unless you’re at the top of the pyramid, all of these offer job security. They also lull you into false confidence and conceal, rather than reveal, dangers.

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