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Things that matter that aren't taught in school + Outcomes over ego (change your mind, don't take things personally, etc) + If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. + seek wealth (assets that earn) + Not all leverage is financial


People who strive for excellence want to be developed not managed. The more comfortable someone is with being managed, the lower the potential. The more comfortable someone is managing others, the less likely they are to develop them.


The smarter you are the less likely you are to work well with consensus seeking groups.


Average teams solve C+ problems as a unit. Good teams can solve B+ problems. To solve A+ problems, however, you need individuals and not consensus. All organization face all of these types of problems. The good ones approach them differently.


The best people need direction, not hierarchy; trust, not bureaucracy; and freedom, not excessive controls. These tools turn your great people into good ones so your less than average ones become average.


When two people invest in a relationship and add value when they don’t have to ... magic happens.


Organizations often signal what they lack. For example ... The more an organization tries to win a top employer award, the worse they actually are to work with. The award only feeds the ego of the people in the building. When you're great, you don't have to tell people.


Treat people the way you would want them to treat you if the situation was reversed. Not only does this prevent you from turning gold into lead, but often offers the path for turning lead into gold.


The easiest way for organizations to improve decision making instantly is to remove decisions from groups and assign them to individuals.


The entropy of people/organizations. We start young/hungry and drift toward old/complacent. Examples: - "You can trust me" v. "See you in court" - Focus on principles v. Focus on rules - Proactive v. Reactive - Humble v. Arrogant - Deep terrain knowledge v. Map knowledge

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