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Sources of personal competitive advantage: - delayed gratification - capital - network (who you know) - unique skills or combinations - platform - ability to suffer - family / home life - speed - ability to change your mind - ability to learn/adapt


Successful people are just unsuccessful people who know how to recover from mistakes.


You don't need to be twice as good to get twice the results. You need to be slightly better and let it compound over time. The world will do the rest of the work for you.


You choose who you are. You own your attitude. You own your integrity. You own your response. You own your character. You own your capacity to love. You own your willingness to help others. You own how you talk to others and yourself. You own your happiness.


I don’t think great decision makers necessarily are good problem solvers. Rather, great decision makers are masterful problem avoiders.


Calm your mind. Train your body. Master your craft. Be present in the moment.


One of the most underrated skills in life is recognizing that you've made a mistake. You can't learn from what you don't see. While everyone makes mistakes, only a few can see them. Rather than passively waiting for others to point out your mistakes, actively search for them.


Focus on your craft, your body, and your mind.


Consistently successful people have the ability to separate what matters from what doesn't and see what everyone else is overlooking. This skill is earned by doing the thinking, not buying the thinking.


Working longer/harder at routine jobs was a means to differentiate yourself and earn a middle class living. Yet these jobs are easily programmable. And ... You can’t compete on price or outwork computers. Difficult to automate skills are the future table stakes to middle class.


One drawback to surrounding yourself with only people of impeccable character is that over time you think that's the norm.


Most people aren't "crazy," they're just thinking and acting in a way that makes sense given what they see and where they've been.


We're taught that if people are mad at us it's because we did something wrong. This teaches us to ignore how WE feel. Ignoring our feelings leads to over-thinking, anxiety, and stress. Just because someone is mad at you doesn't make you a bad person.

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