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Life is simple, but not easy. The problem is we want life to be easy, which makes it complicated.


Simple — Complicated — Simple At first things appear simple. As you learn more they become complicated. As you learn even more, they become simple. Simplicity on the other side of complexity is understanding.


Stick to the basics. Do your job. Avoid stupidity. Speak for yourself. Be attentive to details. Put results ahead of being right. Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.


We chase what's sexy and miss what matters - Excitement starts something. Execution completes it. - Speed makes a good story. Velocity makes a difference. - Complexity makes you sound smart. Focusing on the basics shows you are. - New commands attention. Old offers insight.


No over yes. Hard over easy. Outcome over ego. Simple over complex. Listen over speaking. Doing over criticizing. Effective over efficient. Long term over short term. Avoiding stupidity over seeking brilliance.


Stick to the basics. Every. Single. Day. Do your job. Sweat the details. Put the team first. Be attentive. Ignore the noise. Speak for yourself.


So simple, yet so underrated: Make others look good in front of the people they care about most.


Writing for clarity and persuasion ... 1. Grab the reader with the first sentence. 2. Remove unnecessary words. 3. Keep things simple (write for a grade 8). 4. Short sentences are better. 5. Active voice is easier to process than passive.


If you can't explain it to a reasonably clever 10-year-old, you don't understand it.


Simple but not easy. Learn how to ... Ask great questions of others and the world. Listen attentively to the answers. Change your mind. Stop talking when there is nothing to say. Make others look good around people they care about.


Simplicity compounds. Complexity zeros out.


A lot of people want the world to just hand them their dream. And when it doesn’t happen, we tell ourselves “it’s not fair,” “I’m just not lucky,” or “I couldn’t because ...” While you don’t control the outcome, you do control the effort.


Anyone can make something complex, but only someone who really understands can make it correct and simple.


The best sources of insight aren't hidden or obscure. The most valuable insights are the unrecognized simplicities that are overlooked by the many seeking complexity.


To go faster we can add energy, do fewer things, or reduce friction. A race car is similar. To make it go faster you can reduce weight, increase power, or reduce drag. Racing resets everyone after each race. We don’t. Small initial advantages compound into big ones.


The answer is often common sense. However, people think it’s so simple that it can’t possibly be true. But simple doesn’t mean simplistic. A lifetime can be spent taking simple ideas seriously.


Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not sophisticated.


Successful people go to great lengths to make success appear simple and obvious.


It's simple. Create the world you'd want to live in if you didn't know which country you'd be born in.

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