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The things that matter most can't be copied. You can copy goals, you can't copy discipline. You can copy ideas, you can't copy execution. You can copy answers, you can't copy understanding. You can copy thinking, you can't copy thinking for yourself.


If you're focused on the outcome, you're not focused on the process. Sustained success comes from a fanatical focus on process. You don't need to be perfect, just better than yesterday.


Avoid things the best version of yourself will regret.


You have to be willing to look like an idiot in the short run to outperform in the long run. While copying what others already do helps achieve average results quickly, common approaches never outperform. What ends as being better starts as being different.


Growth is overrated. Endurance is underrated.


The single most effective habit is the willingness to change your own mind.


Your relationships unconsciously shape almost everything about your life. They influence what you eat, how much you exercise, how you think, and how happy you are. Removing the wrong relationships is as important as cultivating the right ones.


Your life is designed to get the results you are getting right now. Whether you realize it or not, you are the architect.


Many people are unwilling to suffer in the short term to reach fulfillment in the long term.


People who strive for excellence want to be developed not managed. The more comfortable someone is with being managed, the lower the potential. The more comfortable someone is managing others, the less likely they are to develop them.


Who you become is up to you. Just because you were a version of yourself yesterday does not mean you have to remain the same person today.


Kind before clever. Others before you. Give before getting. Prevent before solving. Listen before speaking.


Nothing is gained by arguing with someone over something that doesn't matter. You can disagree without saying anything. Not needing to win trivial arguments saves you time, energy, and friends.


If you’re trying to fit in, you’ll never reach your potential.


Goal-oriented people move faster. Growth-oriented people go further. Goal-oriented people want the answer so they can "get it right" quickly. They skim. Growth-oriented people want to see the process so they understand how, why, and intent. They understand.


Effective people do things ineffective people don’t like to do. A large part of the separation between effective and not is the willingness to do obvious things nobody wants to do.


Efficiency is speed. Effectiveness is direction. You need both to avoid going in circles.


It's hard to escape average performance if you need someone to make sure you're focused and disciplined. The best — in any field — drive themselves when no one is around. They don't need someone pushing them.


The biggest mistake we make with negative emotions is trying not to feel them. Awareness deepens positive emotions and allows negative ones to dissipate. Trying to avoid your feelings causes suffering.


Trust allows relationships to compound. When you don't have to re-evaluate people or worry about protecting yourself all the time, you go both further and faster with less anxiety and stress.


Your friends should make you a better person than you otherwise would be.


The best people need direction, not hierarchy; trust, not bureaucracy; and freedom, not excessive controls. These tools turn your great people into good ones so your less than average ones become average.


A lot of people want the world to just hand them their dream. And when it doesn’t happen, we tell ourselves “it’s not fair,” “I’m just not lucky,” or “I couldn’t because ...” While you don’t control the outcome, you do control the effort.


Teachers won't make you clever. Personal trainers won't make you fit. Others won't make you happy. Books won't make you rich. No one is going to do it for you. The responsibility is yours.


Life is about average velocity not top speed.


The key to getting better is learning from feedback. The problem is that most of us stop looking for feedback when we get good enough.


Avoiding regret is more important to life satisfaction than increasing accomplishments.


If you’re not willing to go back to 0, you’ll never pass go.


It's not how long it's going to take, it's that you took the first step today.


When you have one eye focused on an outcome, you get drawn to secrets and shortcuts. The shortcut won't make you better. The secret won't get you there faster. One eye on the outcome means you only have one eye on the process. You control the process, not the outcome.


In an increasingly shareable world, the ability and willingness to both look like an idiot and fail publicly will be sources of personal competitive advantage.


The person who understands time pays for it. The person that doesn't pays by it.


You can quickly get better at nearly anything but there is an irreducible minimum amount of time required to be great. Focus your energy in limited directions.


To go faster we can add energy, do fewer things, or reduce friction. A race car is similar. To make it go faster you can reduce weight, increase power, or reduce drag. Racing resets everyone after each race. We don’t. Small initial advantages compound into big ones.


Once you’ve had freedom, you can never go back.


While there are exceptions, there is a bigger payoff to getting better at the things you're already good instead of improving areas of weakness.


Hard work, consistently applied in the right direction, takes you further than you could imagine.


The easiest way to increase your reflectiveness is to write out your thoughts. Open a text document ... type away until it makes sense. The document isn’t important ... Delete it if you want.


A quick heuristic to identify what really matters to you is to think of what advice you’d give your best friend if they were in the same situation as you.


Embrace stress, don’t avoid it.


Let the hindsight of your future self, become the foresight of your present self.


So much of life is getting up one more time than you fall down.


It’s good to know what to think about, but equally good to know what not to think about.


Talent puts you on a path but doesn’t get you to the destination. The longer the time frame, the more hard work and relentless improvement matter.


Being alone with pain and stress isn't natural. Needing connection, emotional safety, and support doesn't mean something is wrong with you, it means something is right with you.


Look for things that are hard now, easy later.


For a rich life combine ancient wisdom with fresh food and good wine.


Change your attitude and change your life.


The key to ego is distinguishing between when it's serving you and when it's getting in your way.

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