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Sources of personal competitive advantage: - delayed gratification - capital - network (who you know) - unique skills or combinations - platform - ability to suffer - family / home life - speed - ability to change your mind - ability to learn/adapt


Cultivate people in your life whose normal behavior is your desired behavior.


What matters has sharply come into focus. Family matters. Love matters. Kindness matters. Health matters. Generosity matters. People matter. Community matters. The rest is just noise.


Sources of new ideas: - Extended conversations with others - Reading broadly (new fields) - Detailed (in the weeds) knowledge - Time away from the computer - Things that divide people - Talking with relatively new people to a craft - Traveling - Old ideas/books


The patterns of the people around you eventually become your patterns.


Career Advice: Don't sell shit you don't want to buy. Don't work for people you don't want to become. Create win-win relationships for all.


You can't get long term outcomes with short term people.


Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you where you’re going.


If you want to be miserable focus on yourself. If you want to be happy focus on others.


Your environment is a highway to your subconscious operating system. This direct path influences our thoughts, feelings, and decisions. But we can alter its design to put us on the path to success.


Find someone who makes reality better than dreams and do your best to deserve them.

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