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Compounding works with consistency over time. While eating healthy once is easy, doing it for a year is transformational. It's easy to get one win. It's hard to get a lot of wins. Boring progress makes for exceptional results.


Be impatient with progress but patient with people.


Improvement begins when you have the discipline to confront the facts.


The best way to improve your ability to think is to make time and space to think.


Results are the compound interest of: 1. Consistent effort in a focused direction 2. Constant incremental progress 3. A long period of time Consistency matters more than intensity.


Your friends should make you a better person than you otherwise would be.


Boring progress today makes exceptional outcomes in the future.


Your thinking is no better than the information available in your mind. Garbage in means garbage out. Fill your mind with high quality inputs to improve your thinking.


Amateurs stop when they get hit with the first setback. Professionals know setbacks come from being in the arena and not on the sidelines.


If you're a specialist the only thing you can really do is optimize. This also makes you fragile to a (rapidly) changing environment.


Both performance and experience improve when you focus on what's within your control.


While there are exceptions, there is a bigger payoff to getting better at the things you're already good instead of improving areas of weakness.


It's easy to want to be better. It's the desire to do the work that improvement requires that's scarce.


To make progress compare yourself to who you were this morning.


The pace of improvement matters more to the outcome than the starting position.


When trying to improve, constant progress trumps big wholesale changes.


When you learn something that doesn’t change, you can step off the treadmill of keeping up and start to compound your knowledge. While this compounding may at first slow you down, it offers exponential returns.


The easiest way for organizations to improve decision making instantly is to remove decisions from groups and assign them to individuals.


Talent puts you on a path but doesn’t get you to the destination. The longer the time frame, the more hard work and relentless improvement matter.


To improve your knowledge you can learn something (true) or unlearn something (false).

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