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Things that matter that aren't taught in school + Outcomes over ego (change your mind, don't take things personally, etc) + If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. + seek wealth (assets that earn) + Not all leverage is financial


The right relationships (friends, co-workers, spouse) 10x your impact. The wrong ones, cut it in half.


Choosing the right problems to work on matters more than the effort you bring. Don't waste your energy on linear problems. The right problems offer embedded leverage.


Your friends should make you a better person than you otherwise would be.


The best source of leverage is creating more value than you capture.


On habits ... You need to consciously arrange your time. the biggest leverage point here is picking what to work on. A good way to do this is to ruthlessly eliminate low-value tasks.


A 1% change makes a huge difference. 0.99 ^ 365 = 0.03 1.01 ^ 365 = 37.78


One drawback to surrounding yourself with only people of impeccable character is that over time you think that's the norm.


Not only are you highly susceptible to the emotions of the people around us, but we also unconsciously adjust our work ethic to theirs.


One way companies gain leverage over people is through standardization, which makes it easy to substitute one person for another.


It's simple. Create the world you'd want to live in if you didn't know which country you'd be born in.

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