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People who strive for excellence want to be developed not managed. The more comfortable someone is with being managed, the lower the potential. The more comfortable someone is managing others, the less likely they are to develop them.


If you’ve been leading people in an organization for more than a year or two and you know how to do their job better than them, you’re the problem.


Only in challenging times do you discover the difference between leaders and actors.


One of the biggest problems in organizations is that people with no relevant knowledge help make the decisions.


Being a politician and being a leader are not the same thing.


The United incident is what happens when you run companies on rules not principles.


The quickest way to ruin a company is to solve people problems with bureaucracy.


Leaders know why. Managers know how. Few know both.


In most organizations, outcomes are secondary to optics, so the first priority of the manager is to avoid being blamed for anything bad. While they generally care about the success of the firm, they care about optics more.


The easiest way for organizations to improve decision making instantly is to remove decisions from groups and assign them to individuals.


Signs of terrible corporate culture: territorial managers in denial, isolated, or detached. Focus on perks and meetings. Driven by rules.


Terrible organizations use bureaucratic solutions to solve people problems.

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