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Things you control: Your effort. Your beliefs. Your identity. Your actions. Your attitude. Your integrity. Your thoughts. The food you eat. How kind you are. The media you read. How reflective you are. How thoughtful you are. The people you listen to. The type of friend you are.


What matters has sharply come into focus. Family matters. Love matters. Kindness matters. Health matters. Generosity matters. People matter. Community matters. The rest is just noise.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to help other people succeed.


Kind before clever. Others before you. Give before getting. Prevent before solving. Listen before speaking.


Love like a poet. Forgive like a parent. Be curious like a child.


Become what you want to see in the world and it will be so. If you want an amazing relationship with your partner, be an amazing partner. If you want people to be thoughtful and kind, be thoughtful and kind. Small changes in your actions change your entire world.


Wet grass doesn’t catch on fire. When you are kind, generous, and honest, and respectful with people, you water the grass. If you’re anything less, the grass quickly dries and the smallest spark can light it on fire.


If you want clarity on what matters, imagine the thoughts you'll have on your last day. What matters? - How you treat people - How you love - Whether you live true to yourself - A calm mind The rest is noise.


Your subconscious mind determines most of your behavior. Your environment communicates with your subconscious. Environments of trust, respect, shared sacrifice and rewards, kindness, understanding, tolerance, communicate with people's subconscious minds and unleash potential.

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