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The things that matter most can't be copied. You can copy goals, you can't copy discipline. You can copy ideas, you can't copy execution. You can copy answers, you can't copy understanding. You can copy thinking, you can't copy thinking for yourself.


Everyone has an idea, what sets people apart is execution.


Trying to be less wrong is better than trying to be right. When you focus on being less wrong, blindspots become visible, beliefs no longer need protecting, and you become open to better ideas. Outcome over ego.


You have to sell yourself before you can sell your ideas.


The answer is often common sense. However, people think it’s so simple that it can’t possibly be true. But simple doesn’t mean simplistic. A lifetime can be spent taking simple ideas seriously.


Giving up an incorrect idea is harder than finding a new one.


Adding too much value often reduces outcomes. For example, slightly better ideas executed with less motivation often give you worse outcomes than slightly worse ideas executed with more motivation. When in doubt, let people own the problem they are solving.


Amateurs think the probability of them having the best idea is high. Professionals know the probability of that is low.


Amateurs go with the first idea that comes into their head. Professionals realize the first idea is rarely the best idea.


Trading parts of yourself for the admiration of the collective is a terrible idea. At first, it's not noticeable but as time goes on you look in the mirror and don't recognize the person staring back at you.

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