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Sources of personal competitive advantage: - delayed gratification - capital - network (who you know) - unique skills or combinations - platform - ability to suffer - family / home life - speed - ability to change your mind - ability to learn/adapt


People who arbitrage time will almost always outperform. The first order thought of instant gratification is a crowded path, ensuring mediocre results at best. Delayed gratification, which requires second order thinking, is less crowded and more likely to get results.


Life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who help others succeed.


Your subconscious mind determines most of your behavior. Your environment communicates with your subconscious. Environments of trust, respect, shared sacrifice and rewards, kindness, understanding, tolerance, communicate with people's subconscious minds and unleash potential.


Smart people never reward solving a problem that should have been avoided in the first place.


You get more of whatever you give attention to.


The will to prepare without any assurances of payoff is in short supply.

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