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The only real shortcut in life is to understand it backwards. It's easier to solve a maze backwards. Life is the same. Learn from people further down the path from you and make their hindsight your foresight.


We usually think of experiences as positive or negative. However, they are neutral and simply reinforce the meaning we give them. If we see an experience as a learning opportunity, that’s what it becomes. If we see it as terrible, that’s what it becomes.


If you’ve been leading people in an organization for more than a year or two and you know how to do their job better than them, you’re the problem.


Your thoughts shape the world you see. The world you see shapes the experiences you have. Your experiences shape your thoughts.


The actual way you learn: Experience, & Reflection, & Abstraction, & Action. This is the learning loop.


One of the biggest problems in organizations is that people with no relevant knowledge help make the decisions.


You don't have to learn everything through direct experience. A great advantage is given to those who let the hindsight of others become their foresight.


Your experiences are infinatiely small in the context of what's happened in the world and yet they shape everything about how you think about the world. A meta cogntitive bias comes from an inability to see outside of ourselves.


The difference between the expert and the average in any field is the speed at which they adapt to reality.


Both performance and experience improve when you focus on what's within your control.


The Learning Loop To better understand learning, let's break it into four components. 1. Experience 2. Reflection 3. Abstraction/Lesson 4. Action This process creates a feedback loop so that you are continuously adapting and learning from your (or others) experiences.


Most people aren't "crazy," they're just thinking and acting in a way that makes sense given what they see and where they've been.

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