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Things that matter that aren't taught in school + Outcomes over ego (change your mind, don't take things personally, etc) + If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. + seek wealth (assets that earn) + Not all leverage is financial


If you want to understand someone, figure out the narrative they tell themselves about themself. If you want to change your behaviour, change your narrative. If you want to change someone else’s behaviour, offer them a more compelling narrative they can tell themselves.


Formal education will give you a career. Self-education will give you freedom.


Don't confuse education with intelligence. Most schools serve to educate us just enough to believe what we've been taught and not enough to think for ourselves.


The quickest way to build an audience is to tell people what they already believe.


You can get straight As in school and still fail at life.


Schools are about teaching compliance not fostering curiosity.


I believe one of the things future generations will look back on and say “what were they thinking” about us involves the notion of standardized education. In the future it will be mostly personalized to individuals.


Your degree isn't as valuable as what you know.


The key to wisdom is forgetting what you’ve been taught.


The most important things can’t be taught, but they can be learned.


The ability of an eight-year-old to take up a full king size bed has been replicated around the world and yet never fully explained by our knowledge of mathematics.


Often teachers reward the quickest answer and not the deepest.

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