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The things that matter aren't sexy. Culture teaches us to seek money, power, and fame. And yet, we are no happier with these things. What fulfills us is being a mom or a dad, a son or a daughter, a partner, a soul mate, a trusted friend, ... to the people in our lives.


So much of culture reinforces the message that we should be accepted and liked rather than think independently, compete, and challenge the status quo. The oppositive approach works better. Embrace independent thinking. Compete with yourself. Earn respect, not popularity.


The biggest threat to your organization isn't external competition, it's internal culture.


Organizations often signal what they lack. For example ... The more an organization tries to win a top employer award, the worse they actually are to work with. The award only feeds the ego of the people in the building. When you're great, you don't have to tell people.


The easiest way for organizations to improve decision making instantly is to remove decisions from groups and assign them to individuals.


Signs of terrible corporate culture: territorial managers in denial, isolated, or detached. Focus on perks and meetings. Driven by rules.

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