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Sources of personal competitive advantage: - delayed gratification - capital - network (who you know) - unique skills or combinations - platform - ability to suffer - family / home life - speed - ability to change your mind - ability to learn/adapt


Your only competition is who you could be.


If you are customer focused, you're proactive. If you are competitor focused, you're reactive.


The harder you work the less competition you’ll find.


So much of culture reinforces the message that we should be accepted and liked rather than think independently, compete, and challenge the status quo. The oppositive approach works better. Embrace independent thinking. Compete with yourself. Earn respect, not popularity.


Good companies obsess about beating the competition. Great companies obsess about what's best for the customer.


You don't want a job where someone new can do it as effectively as you with 6 months of training.


In an increasingly shareable world, the ability and willingness to both look like an idiot and fail publicly will be sources of personal competitive advantage.


The biggest threat to your organization isn't external competition, it's internal culture.


I’m not worried about the people who compete and think it’s easy. I’m worried about the people that know it’s hard and compete anyways.


Stop predicting and start positioning. Positioning looks short-term inefficient and yet is incredibly effective long-term.


When competing you want to be the big fish in a small pond. When you are learning you want the opposite.

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