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If you want exponential returns ... replace the need to be proven right with the need to achieve the best outcome possible.


Trying to be less wrong is better than trying to be right. When you focus on being less wrong, blindspots become visible, beliefs no longer need protecting, and you become open to better ideas. Outcome over ego.


If a decision is reversible and inconsequential, make it as soon as possible. Speed matters. If a decision is irreversible and consequential, gather as much information as possible before deciding. Wait until the last possible moment. Being right matters.


Hard work is necessary but not sufficient for success. You also need to work on the right things, which means saying no to the wrong things.


We spend far more time doing what's easy than doing what's right.


If you can’t articulate what you being wrong looks like, you’ll never be wrong. And if you’re never wrong, you’ll fail quickly.


Opinion: Uncertainty about whether you are right. And if you are right, not being sure why. Knowledge: Knowing you have the truth and why it’s true.

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