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The biggest generator of long term results is learning to do things when you don't feel like doing them. If you let excuses or emotion drive behavior, you're cheating yourself. Put aside the excuses and start doing what you need to do.


Common causes of bad decisions: 1. Assumptions from small sample sizes 2. Wanting the world to work the way we want 3. Conforming to expectations/authority/group 4. Blindness to large trends 5. Inability to determine "and then what" 6. Using incorrect maps


If you want to understand someone, figure out the narrative they tell themselves about themself. If you want to change your behaviour, change your narrative. If you want to change someone else’s behaviour, offer them a more compelling narrative they can tell themselves.


Cultivate people in your life whose normal behavior is your desired behavior.


The right relationships (friends, co-workers, spouse) 10x your impact. The wrong ones, cut it in half.


The patterns of the people around you eventually become your patterns.


If you spend too much time with people who don’t have any ambitions, you’ll soon find yourself without them.


Once you know what you want, determine what behaviors and habits will get you there.


The reason for your anger is always inside of you.


You learn a lot about someone by what they choose to do when no one is watching.


Reminding yourself that you will die one day is useless if it doesn’t change how you live.


I’d buy 10 percent of the future earnings of any of my friends and colleagues that have adapted since March and short all the people that haven’t. How you respond is more important than your IQ. And you control how you respond.


Your subconscious mind determines most of your behavior. Your environment communicates with your subconscious. Environments of trust, respect, shared sacrifice and rewards, kindness, understanding, tolerance, communicate with people's subconscious minds and unleash potential.


One drawback to surrounding yourself with only people of impeccable character is that over time you think that's the norm.


Don't ask people what matters to them, watch how they live.


Outcomes are lagging byproduct of your personal operating system and its associated algorithms. Heath is lagging measure of your eating algorithms. Knowledge is a lagging measure of your learning algorithms. You are your algorithms. Change the algorithm, change yourself.


Most people aren't "crazy," they're just thinking and acting in a way that makes sense given what they see and where they've been.


Changing behavior is as much about removing obstacles as applying pressure.


Design default automatic behaviors that put you on the path to success. - If you want to drink less, make a rule that you stop drinking at 8pm. - If you want to sleep better, make a rule that you don't use your phone past 10pm.


Few extremely successful people watch lots of tv, spend time with annoying people, read crap, etc? Why? They highly value their time.


We're taught that if people are mad at us it's because we did something wrong. This teaches us to ignore how WE feel. Ignoring our feelings leads to over-thinking, anxiety, and stress. Just because someone is mad at you doesn't make you a bad person.


A person you can trust never says “you can trust me,” rather their past behaviour speaks for itself.


Change your attitude and change your life.


Airports reveal who people are.


People who lie to enemies lie to friends.

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