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The most important things in life are measured internally. You have an inner scoreboard. Playing to someone else’s scoreboard is easy. But when you look up at the end after winning, you’ll feel empty as you discover you won the wrong game. You get one life. Play your own game.


Your only competition is who you could be.


So much of culture reinforces the message that we should be accepted and liked rather than think independently, compete, and challenge the status quo. The oppositive approach works better. Embrace independent thinking. Compete with yourself. Earn respect, not popularity.


Avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking brilliance.


Ultimately you have to think for yourself.


Confidence is less about what you’ve done in the past and more about how you talk to yourself in the present.


Your environment is the key to your subconscious. People who appear to have better than average self-control, typically operate in environments that don't require them to exercise much self-control.


If you do things the same way as everyone else, expect the same results as everyone else.


If you want clarity on what matters, imagine the thoughts you'll have on your last day. What matters? - How you treat people - How you love - Whether you live true to yourself - A calm mind The rest is noise.


Getting over yourself offers exponential returns.


We don’t tell ourselves the truth because it’s easier to protect our view of ourselves and the world than it is to change our minds.


You choose who you are with your actions each day.


You need to be able to show all aspects of yourself in order to give others the comfort to be themselves.


Being alone with pain and stress isn't natural. Needing connection, emotional safety, and support doesn't mean something is wrong with you, it means something is right with you.

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