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Partner @greylockVC. Believes in software, focuses on distribution, seed/A/B partner to crazies who know the future has just started.

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If it’s not glaringly obvious your company has product-market fit yet, with customers pulling the product from you, it very likely doesn’t.


Two hugely undervalued attributes of startup execs - a problem-solving attitude and a lack of fear.


Rapid onboarding of new talent is a competitive advantage for startups.


One of the trends I'm most excited about is the democratization of b2b technology.


The more capital you raise and spend, the more the next set of investors expect. People look at progress / 💵.


One of the most impressive things you can say about a company is that it’s “impossible to recruit anyone out” because they believe in the leadership, mission, culture, their personal growth


A sunny side of all this for startups? It’s suddenly crystal clear whether your product is something people see immediate value in. No more Mrs. Nice Customer.


Seeing aggressive behavior from strategic investors taking advantage of first-time CEOs/founders. When negotiating terms -- check yourself with advisors and board on what is "standard," or "required," don't take on faith.

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