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American entrepreneur, investor, programmer, and blogger. Former president of Y Combinator.

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Hiring: values first, aptitude second, specific skills third


Learning to identify super talented people before everyone else does is one of the most valuable skills to develop.


You have a problem, so you decide to raise some money. Now you have two problems. So you hire some people. Now you have three problems.


"What's you number one piece of hiring advice?" "Hire for slope, not Y-intercept. This is actually my number one piece of life advice."


If someone's assessment of their own ability is wildly higher than their actual ability, aggressively avoid working with them.


Hiring people with a strong sense of entitlement very rarely works out, no matter how good they are on other axes


Hiring chronically negative people as early startup employees is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the biggest non-obvious hiring mistake.


in general, hiring before you get product/market fit slows you down, and hiring after you get product market fit speeds you up.


Before you hire people with the money you just raised, please please please remember that small teams move faster than big ones.


A founding team that can build the product themselves has a big advantage over a team that has to hire very expensive engineers to build it.


Startups: you cannot expect to hire top talent in the early days and be stingy with equity

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