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It takes years to become a great engineer, designer, writer, painter. But it only takes days to become communicative, reliable, and nice to be around — which will put you above 90% of your peers.


Things you can improve: - Your attitude - Memory - Discipline - Creativity - Time management - Stamina - Writing ability - Charisma - Happiness Things you can’t: - The past


When a CEO says they work 60+ hours a week, it often includes a lot of email, Ubers to meetings, meetings, travel, phone calls, and more. I don't think designers, engineers, and many other roles could stare at a computer for 60 hours a week for a sustained period of time.


Things that take longer than you expect: - Building a company - Writing a book - Taking a roadtrip - Saving money Things that take less time than you expect:


The longer you wait for it to become easier, the more competition you will have.


Turn your time into skill. Your skill into authority. Your authority into an audience. Your audience into an income. Your income into freedom. And your freedom into others’.


Chaos Monkey your organization. Get rid of all meetings, deadlines, and goals. Let everyone work on whatever they want. See what happens.


Friendship = vulnerability × time.


Hiring is the hardest thing about startups. Everyone will tell you it's the hardest thing you'll ever do, and you'll believe them. And you will *still* underestimate just how hard and time-consuming it really is.


Writing online isn’t about proving how smart you are, it’s about: - showing others how much time you’ve spent to grok a particular topic - saving them time and mistakes Anyone can do it.


Investing your time will lead to greater returns than investing your money.


Time passes no matter what you spend your time on.


"Make money online" sounded scammy until I realized that defines the pitch of most startups. We use software and the internet to help people earn money so that they can have more freedom and time to do what they really want. That's pretty cool!


The potential impact of a good action grows exponentially over time. You never know whose life you will radically transform with some words you write or a product you build. And the impact they will now have on other people. And what *those* people will now do for others...


Do what you need to do to have all the time and freedom in the world. Then use that time and freedom to do whatever you want. Conversely, find the overlap between what you love to do and what will earn you a living and do that from the beginning.


People have lifecycles. Products have lifecycles. Companies have lifecycles. Find the products and companies that fit what you want most out of your life at the moment, which will change over time.


You should be more confident about what you’re working on over time. If you’re not getting more confident, you’re getting less confident.


Patience is becoming exponentially more valuable as things accelerate and more stuff happens within the same amount of time.


Good patience makes good timing.


Co-located teams move much faster than fully remote, asynchronous teams. But they spend far more money per feature shipped. The speed is often worth the cost in the early days, and less so over time as scalability and stability take priority.


If you work 16 hours a day, sleep the other 8.

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