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The fastest way to become exceptional is to work with exceptional people. If you want to be a great engineer, work at a company with great engineers. Want to start a company? Work for an early-stage startup with extraordinary founders. Watch them work, and learn by osmosis.


Great products are built by saying no 99% of the time. Great teams are built by saying no 99% of the time. Great portfolios are built by saying no 99% of the time.


If you don’t like the CEO you won’t like the company.


Great customer support will get you: - A cult following - A better product through customer feedback - A humbled team It might be more important than having a great product!


Every time I’ve asked an employee if they want a certain perk or the equivalent in more money, they’ve said more money.


Chaos Monkey your organization. Get rid of all meetings, deadlines, and goals. Let everyone work on whatever they want. See what happens.


It's a great time to implement: - No meetings - No deadlines - No goals - No "core" working hours - No expectations on response times


You can tell when a product is made by people who had fun making it.


It took me a long time to realize: It's okay not to be best friends with your coworkers. A culture that penalizes someone if they only show up, get their work done, and leave, is a subpar culture.


The best companies are built by the best teams.


Early employees make good founders because they know what early employees want. Founders make good investors because they know what founders want.


Most investors want to invest in companies that would succeed without them. Most employees want to work on products and teams that would succeed without them. The best way to get help is to get yourself to a place where you don't need help.


If you're doing a lot of team meetings, consider defaulting to audio over video. Video is great for meeting new people, but it creates a lot of unneeded pressure to look better than we feel or hide parts of our home lives.


Everyone has an agenda. I prefer being open about mine so that people can self-select if they want to work with me. Many don't...that's okay! Everyone deserves to work with people whose agendas align with theirs. It makes building stuff a lot easier.


Nothing is more valuable to an early stage startup than alignment. Between the CEO, founders, team, investors, and customers. (And nothing more destructive than misalignment.)


Thinking about scaling your team is not dissimilar from scaling a web application. Stay with me 👇🏽 An app starts out with a single read-and-write database, and zero caching. The code is simple, and there's a single source of truth...


Co-located teams move much faster than fully remote, asynchronous teams. But they spend far more money per feature shipped. The speed is often worth the cost in the early days, and less so over time as scalability and stability take priority.


Fits are two-way. Meaning, if you feel someone isn't working out for the company, there's a very good chance they feel the company isn't working out for them. Once I realized that, building the "right" team became a lot easier. (Still super hard.)

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