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The fastest way to become exceptional is to work with exceptional people. If you want to be a great engineer, work at a company with great engineers. Want to start a company? Work for an early-stage startup with extraordinary founders. Watch them work, and learn by osmosis.


After interviewing thousands of applicants it seems that the top reasons people decide to leave their jobs are: - they weren't able to have a large impact - they stopped learning/growing


Coworking is a great way to surround yourself with people who don't want to work that hard.


The best interview is solving a problem together.


Early employees make good founders because they know what early employees want. Founders make good investors because they know what founders want.


Everyone has an agenda. I prefer being open about mine so that people can self-select if they want to work with me. Many don't...that's okay! Everyone deserves to work with people whose agendas align with theirs. It makes building stuff a lot easier.


Co-located teams move much faster than fully remote, asynchronous teams. But they spend far more money per feature shipped. The speed is often worth the cost in the early days, and less so over time as scalability and stability take priority.


If you want people to learn and grow, you need to give them the space to learn and grow.

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