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On the internet, they say: 1% create 9% contribute 90% consume All it takes is to start contributing and you'll have a 10x advantage over everyone else. Create and it'll be 90x.


Your major competitive advantage is likely something you like doing that most other people don’t.


If you don't think you're qualified for an opportunity, you're also not qualified to determine if you're qualified for that opportunity. Don't self-reject. Apply


Start, because continuing is so much easier.


You should either be doing: What makes you happy. Something that gets you closer to doing what makes you happy.


Growth comes from doing things you don’t want to do.


One learns to write by writing, not by reading. One learns to paint by painting, not by watching. One learns to build by building, not by analyzing.


Growth does not come from doing something you already know how to do. To grow: Be unqualified for the next subject you write about. Be unqualified to paint your next painting. Be unqualified for the next job in your career.


Do what you're scared of until you're not scared of it anymore. Send cold emails. Paint in public. Lift heavy weights. Deploy on Fridays.


What can you write that no one else can write? Write that. What can you say that no one else can say? Say that. What can you build that no one else can build? Build that.


The easiest way to be happy is to do something that takes your full attention.


Worse writers than you have written and published books. Worse founders than you have built successful businesses. If they can do it, you can too.


You'll never know how good of a musician you could have been. You'll never know how good of a painter you could have been. You'll never know how good of a writer you could have been. If you don't give yourself the chance.


Want to start a restaurant? Start cooking. Invite friends over. Their friends. Start charging. Do pop-ups. Same goes for anything else. Get as far you can without permission, before you need anyone else's.


Nothing will teach you how to do something faster than trying and failing.


I'd rather fail doing what I love than succeed doing what I hate.


Building products, writing, and painting are not mental excercises, they are physical ones. Reading to improve is like watching someone else workout – it does almost nothing for you. To run better, run. To paint better, paint. To write better, write. To build better, build.


You'll learn more from one launch than a thousand blog posts.


Clear thinking comes when doing nothing. Clear doing comes when thinking nothing.


How to conduct 1-1s, a simple framework Tell your direct reports what you think they should: - Start doing - Stop doing - Continue doing Ask them what you should: - Start doing - Stop doing - Continue doing Do this often enough that you’re not worried about too much feedback.


People who try to get one thing done get more things done than people who try to get ten things done.


I’d rather fail than not try.


Virtually everything is worth trying once.


If someone really believes something, they wouldn’t just be talking about it, they would be doing it.


The best way to get something off your to-do list is to decide it's not worth doing anymore.


"Show don't tell" is close to universal advice. It applies to: - Writing stories - Leadership - Product development


Step one of doing something is believing you can do it.


Everyone should write. Everyone should draw. Everyone should paint. Everyone should make music and movies. Everyone should dance, run, lift. Everyone should design, code, build. Everyone should create. Until then, millions of people will die unaware of the gifts they possessed.


Don’t hold back your best ideas because you don’t think you’ll be able to do them justice yet. Your current “best ideas” will lead to bester ideas.


Those who struggle with inspiration should just take the crappy ideas they have and make them happen. The best way to have ideas is to have ideas, and the best path to the good ideas is through the bad ones. Plus, good ideas often look crappy, and crappy ideas often look good.


Physically manifesting an idea is a great way to find out if you really understand it. Think you know? Write it down. Think you see? Draw it. More than the words or the drawing, you'll have a list of concepts you don't understand well enough to communicate it effectively.


People who ask for an explanation for your actions will like your explanation less than your actions.


Do what the person you want to be would do.


Opinion: Social media has made us overindex on opinions and underindex on actions.


If you really want something to exist, but it seems like no one else does, make it anyways. I promise you a thousand other people were thinking exactly what you just were, and did what you *almost* did: nothing.


Giving constructive feedback is hard, receiving and implementing constructive feedback is harder.


No one cares about your idea more than you do. So, you're going to have to put in the work to make it happen.


There's no better way to improve than performing live. Want to be funny? Go to an open mic. Want to write well? Hit publish. Want to build better? Work on a product with passionate users. It won't get much easier, but you will get better.


Best way to improve at something: do it, get feedback, apply feedback, repeat frequently. Tweeting does this for thoughts and writing so well that I don't even have to name the best example of this because you already know who I'm talking about.

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