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You don’t become interesting by copying interesting people. You become interesting by following your own interests, going deeper down the rabbit hole than anyone else, and surfacing something new for the rest of us.


The best startups solve a problem no one even knew they had.


In SF I learned: the best VCs don’t really know what’s going to take off. In LA I learned: the best producers don’t really know what’s going to be a hit. Don’t chase success. Create what you think should exist. No one knows until everyone knows–and by then it’s too late.


Successful startups happen by solving problems in ways large companies can’t.


Success comes slowly, then all at once.


It takes years to get to the point where it takes an hour.


A better way to “network:” Send more cold emails. Don’t ask for anything. Express gratitude for their work. Never expect something in return. Do this for years.


It’s very hard to succeed if you think the whole world is out to get you.


Don’t let the dogma of “failing fast” prevent you from succeeding slowly.


How to make a really good painting: make a few hundred really bad paintings. How to write a really good article: write a few dozen really bad articles. How to succeed: fail a lot.


How to be a better engineer: work with great engineers. How to be a better founder: spend time with great founders. How to be happier: surround yourself with happy people.


The longer it takes to become successful, the more prepared you will be to handle it.


Society would be better off if we gave people more credit for trying and less credit for succeeding.


Better to try 100 times and succeed 10% of the time than try ten times and succeed 50% of the time.


The commonly cited 70% failure rate is only so high because founders and investors are trying to reach a certain scale in a certain amount of time. If you are willing to spend 10+ years to build a sustainable business that matters, your odds of success go way up.


The most successful people I've worked with seem to answer my emails the fastest.


If you paint a hundred bad paintings and one really great one, people will only remember that one. If you write a post with just one really great sentence, people will only remember that one sentence. Failures fade, successes stick.


Success teaches you that success doesn’t make you happy.


The only way to succeed is to learn. The only way to learn is through experimentation. The only way to experiment is with failure. Fail to succeed!


How to be a successful creator: Help people. Help people help people. Help people help people help people.


I'd rather fail doing what I love than succeed doing what I hate.


Successful people: - Have an environment that removes the need for willpower. - Seek and implement critical feedback. - Put themselves in uncomfortable situations. - Spend more time as students than teachers.


If you make something enough people want and pay for, you will win regardless of what anyone else thinks or says.


Successful people: "failure is awesome!" Everyone else: "failure sucks."


You have to like yourself and other people in order to succeed.


Broke: Imposter syndrome. Woke: Fake it till you make it.


No one will work for your success as much as you will. The rest of the world will compound your efforts, but you're responsible for putting in the principal.


The best companies are built by the best teams.


How to be successful and happy in business: Find a way to earn interest on your interests.


If you let others decide when you’re successful, you’re also letting them decide when you’re not.


I believe anyone can become a great founder, a great engineer, a great designer, a great concept artist, a great fine art painter, a great filmmaker, a great writer... Not that everyone will, but that anyone can. And it’s getting easier every day.


You can't guarantee your success, but you can guarantee your failure. Don't give up, and you cannot fail.


A CEO doing customer support is either a great leading indicator of startup success or a great leading indicator of startup failure.


Startups are more boring than you think. And the more successful, the more boring.


The quality of a company’s employees is much more predictive of its success than the quality of its founders and investors.


The longer you survive, the more likely you will thrive.


If you failed you succeeded at giving yourself space to fail.


The best way to make it past the gatekeepers in your industry is to earn the trust of someone who already has. It only takes one.


How to succeed: don't fail for long enough.


Surround yourself with people who are successful. One way to do that is to help the people around you succeed.


You need to swing to learn. You need to follow through to succeed.

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