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Being a founder is hard. Being an early employee is hard. Being a VC is hard. Being a politician is hard. Being an engineer is hard. Being a writer is hard. Being a friend is hard. Being a partner is hard. Being a parent is hard. It's all hard. Life is hard, and then you die.


Don't think you deserve the job? Apply for it anyways. Don't think your article is good enough? Publish it anyways. Don't think they'll reply to your email? Send it anyways. Don't self-reject.


If you don’t like reading, you’re reading the wrong books.


Broke: Imposter syndrome. Woke: Fake it till you make it.


You are responsible for your own happiness.


If it makes you happy, you don't have to justify it.


The most selfless people I know consider themselves very selfish.


Everyone has a story inside of them that's better than any book ever written.


When I get really anxious about something I remind myself I’ve been more anxious about many other things that I can’t even remember anymore and the same thing will happen here.


If you failed you succeeded at giving yourself space to fail.


Self-consciousness and arrogance are two sides of the same coin, both solved by the same realization: No one thinks about you as much as you think they do.


The primary function of the conscious mind is to train the unconscious mind.


Humility is often a symptom of imposter syndrome.

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